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This document originated from representatives of the PGSA to help clarity on various issues that may be of concern between you and your supervisor. The use of this document is OPTIONAL but strongly encouraged. You are welcome to forward any completed copies to the Graduate Office or Dr. McPherson (

Awards & Finances

The Art of Writing a CIHR Application: Tips on how to write a successful application from CIHR

Graduate Centre for Academic Communication Writing Centre: You can book one-on-one consultations to work on your writing. There are options for a synchronous appointment where you can have a video call, or an asynchronous appointment where you upload a draft and they provide written feedback

PGSA Advice & Tips: Tips on how to write a compelling one-page research statement for OGS and other awards


Filing Tax Forms ( Learn about types of deductions, credits, and sources of income for students

UofT Student Life – Centre for International Experience – Income tax information sessions

Ufile: Free for students with the code CFS1981

Canadian Income Tax System Overview for International Students

Speak with an International Transition Advisor: Learn what you initially need to know in order to file with the Canadian tax system

Statistical Resources

Tutorials (courtesy of Mr. Marcos Sanches, Biostatistician from CAMH). These include:

  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Means & proportions
  • Logistic regression
  • Linear regression
  • Mixed models

SciNet Training and Courses: Mostly for data science and high-performance computing; free and some count as university credits

Graduate Centre for Academic Communication: Courses, workshops, writing, intensive + individual writing centre consultations; offer training in academic writing and speaking

Need help with understanding statistics? Have specific questions about your data analysis program? Reach out to the University of Toronto’s library and organise a research support consultation with the librarians!

Research consultations can be organised here or, alternatively, reach a librarian directly at 416-978-5589 (Mon-Fri, 12PM-5PM).