About the Clothing Sale 

Interested in showing off your Pharmacology & Toxicology spirit? We have got just the thing for you! The PGSA is running the very popular Clothing Sale yet again! The merch logo is designed by a former PharmTox student, Natalie Workewych! 

The image shows some PGSA hoodies ($45), T-shirts ($25), and crewnecks ($40)! 

Sizes are available in Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL) in black, white, and grey, as viewed in photos. 

If you purchase a hoodie or a crewneck, we will include a free T-shirt with your order! Yes, you heard that right! T-shirt items are limited, so make sure you order fast! All proceeds from the sale will go towards the Redwood!

Please see below for the fundraising campaign details

Order between Thursday, April 21st – Thursday, April 5th

Pick up will be at MSB, Sunnybrook, CAMH, and St. Michael’s Hospital