Annual Holiday Event

About the Annual Holiday Event

During the annual Holiday event, the PGSA and Department will host trivia, the Pharmies, and games, where prizes will be awarded to winners! 

For the PGSA’s famous yearly video for this event, we are asking everyone in the department to please share your funny/best/worst moments of adjusting to in-person meetings/activities or season’s greetings. Please let us know if you would like assistance in filming/recording.

Here are some video ideas:

  • Realizing people are not 2D (meant to be a fun video)
  • Waiting in line for the washrooms/ice machine rooms to be vacant
  • Season’s greetings, lab social events, and/or talking about some of the things you have been grateful for this year

To participate in the holiday video, feel free to send a short (<1 min video) or photo/screenshot to (email or shared links are fine) by Tuesday, Dec 14th at 6 PM. We look forward to your sharing these moments with us and the Department.

Please see below for details 

Monday, Dec 12th, 2022

12 PM – 3 PM

Hart House

(Great Hall)